Live at the Apollo

Live at the Apollo

Series 10 - Episode 3



“I’m quite surprised they’ve let me on as well,” Frankie Boyle tells his audience before he insults the celebrity guests and makes tasteless jokes about Glasgow’s view of Hepatitis B and Oscar Pistorius’s future girlfriends. He counters this with “If you are offended by any jokes tonight, feel free to tweet your outrage on a mobile phone made by a 10-year-old in China.” Boyle isn’t to everyone’s taste, but this crowd isn’t affronted by anything.

Also on the bill are Aisling Bea (riffing on the joys of sitting down and doing nothing) and growly-voiced Simon Evans, whose witty Jack Dee-style take on life is delivered with the occasional smile. Or maybe grimace.


Outspoken funnyman Frankie Boyle hosts an evening of stand-up at the Apollo in Hammersmith, London, treating the audience to his own brand of humour before handing over to the acerbic Simon Evans and actress/stand-up Aisling Bea.

Cast & Crew

Host Frankie Boyle
Performer Simon Evans
Performer Aisling Bea
Director Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Executive Producer Joe Norris
Series Producer Anthony Caveney
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