Kids' Hospital at Christmas

Kids' Hospital at Christmas

Series 1 - Episode 1



Eight-year-old Hya's kidneys have failed, after years of dialysis. Despite her health problems she is bold and cheerful, though small for her age - so small that you wonder how her body has space for the kidney she will receive from her mum. As she walks to the operating theatre, a toy baby under her arm, nearly tripping on her too-long hospital gown, it's hard not to feel a lump in your throat.

If all goes well, Hya will be home for Christmas. But there are 150 children at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital who won't be so lucky. The care and dedication of the hospital's staff as they try to bring festive cheer to their patients are remarkable, as is the generosity of the public, who fill a storeroom with presents - one for every child.


Documentary following staff and patients at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital over the festive season. In the first edition, 15-year-old Emily is allowed home for just two hours to decorate the family Christmas tree after having spent almost the entire year in hospital owing to a series of complications relating to a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Eight-year-old Hya suffered kidney failure at birth, but clotting factors mean that dialysis will not be an option for much longer, so doctors and her family have made the decision that she should have a transplant using a donor kidney from her mother, with Malcolm Lewis carrying out the operation.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Neil Grant
Series Producer Zoe Callan
Science Documentary