Roman Britain From the Air

Roman Britain from the Air


Christine Bleakley definitely gets the cushier job here. All she does is zoom about in a helicopter, gawping and gasping at her bird’s-eye view of Roman Britain. Historian Michael Scott, meanwhile, plods about on the ground, talking intelligently about ancient stones.

They start off in Londinium where, amazingly, Scott sees a Roman wall sited in the basement of a City car park – in bay 52, if you want to see for yourself. They subsequently take off towards Wales and Northumberland exploring the remains of various basilicas, amphitheatres and settlements. Seeing Hadrian’s Wall from the air is awesome, but their communication via helicopter headsets has annoyingly crackly sound quality.


The Romans were the first to invade and occupy Britain and their architecture and way of life have left a legacy that has lasted 1,600 years. Christine Bleakley takes to a helicopter to view remains that are best seen from the air, while historian Michael Scott is on the ground to explore further what each sky-high vantage point reveals. Their journey takes them from London, across to Wales and north to Hadrian's Wall, visiting fascinating sites that include the best-preserved Roman legionary barracks anywhere in Europe, the 6,000-seat amphitheatre at Caerleon and town walls that stretch for more than a mile.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Christine Bleakley
Presenter Michael Scott
Director Michael Waterhouse
Executive Producer Brendan Hughes
Executive Producer Harry Bell
Producer Michael Waterhouse
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