Series 2 - Episode 10 Beast



Is the running of the B&B going to be helped or hindered by a wild animal on the loose in Scarborough? It’s certainly not Hannah’s priority as the daughter of the house decides to take up a life of good works. Let’s see how long that lasts...


There is a wild animal on the loose in Scarborough, but the various sightings around town may not be entirely factual. Meanwhile, Louie thinks he has gained a magical power.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Ryan Wilkinson
Mum Nicola Stephenson
Hannah Milly Zero
Dad Steve Edge
Alison Olivia Cosgrove
Ben Sam Hattersley
Louie Adam Greaves-Neal
Ingrid Hester Cox
Carol Mischa Baker
Richard Connor Phillips
Leith Martin Trenaman
Mr Simmons Delroy Brown
Canteen lady Lorraine Breen
Director Tracey Rooney
Producer Simon Nelson
Writer Kirstie Falkous
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