Trap Door

Series 2 - Episode 12 Trap Door



Crews believes the murder of three Russians in a suspected Mafia hit is linked to his own case, and when he shoots an intruder, the victim turns out to be someone he knows. Meanwhile, Reese finds herself falling back into old habits. With Sarah Shahi, Adam Arkin and Jessy Schram.

Cast & Crew

Detective Charlie Crews Damian Lewis
Detective Dani Reese Sarah Shahi
Ted Earley Adam Arkin
Captain Kevin Tidwell Donal Logue
Bobby Stark Brent Sexton
Rachel Seybolt Jessy Schram
Mickey Rayborn William Atherton
Special Agent Paul Bodner Shashawnee Hall
Charlie Crews Sr Geoff Pierson
Roman Nevikov Garret Dillahunt
Arthur Tims Jon Sklaroff
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