Honey I Bought the House

Paul and Sophie

Series 1 - Episode 1 Paul and Sophie



Young Hertfordshire couple Charley and Chris want to set up home together. A cheque for £15,000 would help with the deposit, but there’s one condition on their getting the money. Happy-go-lucky PE teacher Chris has three weeks to find a property and put an offer in, without any help from girlfriend Charley (who knows exactly what she wants – she even takes a teapot along to viewings to see how it fits in). If she doesn’t like his choice, the cash is forfeit.

Basically it’s Don’t Tell the Bride with houses. Charley is both fearful and, frequently, tearful that she’s being entirely left out of the process. And Chris’s friends, never mind Chris himself, aren’t too optimistic about his ability to make a sensible decision. “I’m in so much s***”, he admits, head in hands, when he sees her reaction to one of his choices.


Couple Paul and Sophie are given £15,000 for a deposit and three weeks to find a new home. However, only one of them gets to visit the houses and must keep their partner in the dark as to their choice. House-hunting challenge show.
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