Series 1 - Episode 4 Power



David Attenborough's survey of the hurdles animals face in their life journey has reached adolescence. It's at this point growing youngsters have to get to grips with the adult world of power games. That means lots of fighting.

The most impressive at this are the eight-foot-tall kangaroos who kickbox for dominance (we see a junior joey practise on his patient mother), but chimpanzees are no slouches either.

Actually slouches is exactly what they are - look out for a great scene of the troop's big shots slouching down to the water hole. One low-ranking male fancies becoming one of them. But it's a long path.


The importance of power in the animal kingdom, revealing how dominant creatures have the best access to food and water, and are also the most attractive to the opposite sex. An orphaned young chimp tries to climb the social ladder, but his troop is ruled by big, aggressive males and his first attempt to join them ends in a beating. A meerkat society will only allow newcomers in if they know how to deal with a venomous snake. And the only way to occupy the top spot in a meadow of kangaroos is to beat the ruling male in a boxing match - but few have challenged the current incumbent, who stands at 8ft. Will any animal dare take him on? David Attenborough narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Producer Ian Gray
Series Producer Rupert Barrington