Looking After Mum: A Children in Need Special

Looking After Mum: A Children in Need Special


Eleven-year-old Antonia-Rae is haunted by the memory of the day she grabbed the knife her mother was using to try to kill herself. Now Antonia-Rae can barely bring herself to leave her mum, depressed after a debilitating stroke, alone for fear of what she might do.

Antonia-Rae is one of 700,000 young carers in Britain and this Children in Need film looks at just three of them, young people who have never had the chance to be children and who bear burdens that would oppress any adult.

Ten-year-old Tom and his brother look after their mum who is seriously ill with liver disease. He loves her desperately and worries constantly. And 18-year-old Kashanna has cared for her blind mum since she was a child.


In the UK, more than 700,000 young people care for a loved one, with many feeling stigmatised and overlooked by a society that doesn't understand the difficulties they face. This documentary follows four youngsters, aged between 10 and 18, who look after their mothers. Over the course of several months cameras follow them and their families as they deal with situations many adults would struggle with - from mental illness to blindness - while also trying to find a way to enjoy some kind of childhood.