Miracle Babies

Series 1 - Episode 2



The neonatal team at Liverpool Women's Hospital monitors twin boys who need operations to correct congenital heart defects, but are too small to undergo the procedures at the moment, while a premature baby requires immediate laser surgery to save his sight. Plus, the programme follows the progress of Matthew, who was born 17 weeks early and has underdeveloped lungs that cannot provide enough oxygen to his vital organs. Clinical director Bill Yoxall and his parents must make a difficult choice - they can see if Matthew improves by himself, send him for open-heart surgery or prescribe a course of steroids for his lungs that could have long-term side effects for his development.

Cast & Crew

Director Chris Atteshlis
Director Louis Grover
Executive Producer Ravinder Chahal
Producer Chris Atteshlis
Producer Louis Grover
Series Producer Alex Raw
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Science Documentary