Tell It Slant

Series 2 - Episode 6 Tell It Slant



Walt investigates the murder of Indian psychic Cassandra, with the help of a series of cryptic clues from an enigmatic Cheyenne known as Aaron Two Rivers, which leads the team down various paths. The sheriff also faces a public debate with Branch.

Cast & Crew

Walt Longmire Robert Taylor
Victoria `Vic' Moretti Katee Sackhoff
Henry Standing Bear Lou Diamond Phillips
Branch Connally Bailey Chase
Cady Longmire Cassidy Freeman
The Ferg Adam Bartley
Ruby Louanne Stephens
Aaron Two Rivers Gary Farmer
Gretchen Cowley Mandy Jane Turpin
Calvin Cowley Christopher Cousins
Jacob Nighthorse A Martinez
Director J Michael Muro
Executive Producer Hunt Baldwin
Executive Producer Christopher Chulack
Executive Producer John Coveny
Executive Producer Michael M Robin
Executive Producer Greer Shephard
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