The Way Out

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Way Out



If there was an award for most incendiary smouldering on TV this week, honours would probably go to feisty nurse Claire and lightly wounded but honourable Highlander Jamie in the period romance. Whether she’s casually loosening his shirt to check his scarring, or playing footsie beneath the trestle tables at a Highland dinner, it’s only a matter of time before the sparks ignite. But then what about her nice husband 200 years in the future? Do some Celtic folk songs hold a clue that will allow her to get home? It’s such a pickle.

As if all this wasn’t fun enough, there are some top-class guest appearances: John Sessions as a flatulent judge, and Tim McInnerny as a fire-breathing priest, who’d undoubtedly add Claire to John Knox’s “monstrous regiment of women” when she dares to apply some medical rigour to an exorcism.


Claire's healing abilities puts her at odds with the town priest after she saves the life of a boy, and deepens the suspicions against her. Period drama, starring Caitriona Balfe.

Cast & Crew

Claire Randall Caitriona Balfe
Jamie Fraser Sam Heughan
Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall Tobias Menzies
Colum MacKenzie Gary Lewis
Dougal MacKenzie Graham McTavish
Geillis Duncan Lotte Verbeek
Murtagh Fraser Duncan Lacroix
Rupert MacKenzie Grant O'Rourke
Angus Mhor Stephen Walters
Mrs FitzGibbons Annette Badland
Laoghaire MacKenzie Nell Hudson
Father Bain Tim McInnerny
Gwyllyn the Bard Gillebride MacMillan
Arthur Duncan John Sessions
Tammas Daniel Kerr
Letitia MacKenzie Aislín McGuckin
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