First Born

Series 1 - Episode 1 First Born



BBC3’s revisit of the sweary, dysfunctional aristos from the 2004 Channel 4 classic The F*****g Fulfords finds dad Francis still down on his luck, and the badly behaved kids now grown up but still living at home in the huge, crumbly Devon pile. Dim first-born Arthur is now the putative heir trying to learn the ropes, though Matriarch Kishanda has absented herself altogether from what feels like a posh real-life Shameless acted out by Fast Show characters. I say acted out because a lot of the shenanigans (here a disastrous car boot sale) feel heavily contrived by a family that has learnt to play to the cameras and clearly needs the cash and – attention.


Reality series following the aristocratic Fulford family at their 800-year-old country estate, as the youngest generation of the family comes of age. The opening episode sees youngest brother Edmund falling foul of a hole in the wall, while the family are divided over eldest son Arthur's plans for the estate he will one day inherit.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nicholas Kent
Series Producer Lee McMurray