The Ecstasy of Agony

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Ecstasy of Agony



Immortal investigator Henry and detective Jo turn their attention to the death of a successful businessman and devoted husband who liked to be punished. In the frame is the victim's `domination therapist', but she's more concerned about helping the medical examiner work through his issues. Meanwhile, Abe's ex-wife returns, in the shape of former Bond girl and Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour.

Cast & Crew

Dr Henry Morgan Ioan Gruffudd
Abe Judd Hirsch
Detective Jo Martinez Alana De La Garza
Lt Joanna Reece Lorraine Toussaint
Detective Hanson Donnie Keshawarz
Lucas Joel David Moore
Abigail Mackenzie Mauzy
Maureen Delacroix Jane Seymour
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