CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Series 4 - Episode 23 Bloodlines



Grissom investigates the rape of a casino worker, and discovers the perpetrator's DNA matches that found during inquiries into an unsolved case on the same stretch of road a year before. Meanwhile, Sara drowns her sorrows after missing out on a promotion, but ends up being pulled over while driving under the influence.

Cast & Crew

Gil Grissom William Petersen
Catherine Willows Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes George Eads
Sara Sidle Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
Capt Jim Brass Paul Guilfoyle
Linley Parker Nina Siemaszko
Dr Todd Coombs George Newbern
Det Vartann Alex Carter
Crystal Coombs Lisa Sheridan
Roger Coombs Mark Kiely
Director Kenneth Fink
Writer Carol Mendelsohn
Writer Naren Shankar
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