Big Dreams Small Spaces

Big Dreams Small Spaces

Series 1 - Episode 1



There’s an air of Grand Designs about this series in that Monty Don follows the progress of a garden project, dropping in occasionally to see how it’s going. However, he’s more hands-on than Kevin McCloud offering advice, criticism and plenty of muscle power. He may be posh but the moment he spots a spade he can’t resist rolling up his sleeves. “He’s like a ferret… he’s getting right stuck in there!” says one of the neighbours admiringly.

The first two gardens couldn’t be more different: Richard and Helen have an overgrown plot they want to turn into a smallholding with vegetable beds and chickens; John and Jan want to create a corner of Portugal in the unsuitable clay soil of their Sussex garden.

Monty can immediately spot the flaws in a plan – lavender planted in a shady area, compost too close to the kitchen – plus he’s a walking encyclopedia of tips about pruning, greenhouses and drainage. If only we all had a Monty to help in the garden.


Monty Don helps amateur horticulturists who have small or average-sized gardens, but are planning to do something extraordinary with them. Today, a couple battle to turn a clay-clogged building site in Petworth, West Sussex, into a piece of Portugal, while another tackle years of overgrowth in their new back garden in their determination to create a productive space.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Monty Don
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Series Editor Alexandra Henderson