Scott & Bailey

Series 4 - Episode 6



There’s a startling scene in this episode where you see Rachel Bailey making a proper meal for herself. And no, we’re not talking Weetabix and red wine here. Before you cry out that Rachel doing some cooking is completely out of character, you have to take on board that she’s now in a proper relationship.

Not that it turns out to be all that stable, though – after some cutting remarks from Gill, Rachel begins to worry that people will think she’s sleeping her way to the top and starts to make excuses to Will about her workload. Come on, Rachel! There’s more to life than chasing drug dealers through urban jungles, you know.

Unfortunately for colleague Janet, life outside work is hardly a barrel of laughs when she discovers that her daughter Elise has problems of the heart. But will Janet take Rachel’s advice when she suggests not wading in to sort the situation out?


Rachel can't get Gill's remarks about her fling with Will out of her head, so ducks out of attending an awards ceremony with him, fearing their colleagues will believe she's sleeping her way to the top. He finally decides that dating her is too much like hard work and so announces they are no longer an item - a move that leaves Rachel gutted and regretting her behaviour. Janet isn't happy either - it's clear her daughter Elise is about to have her heart broken by Eleanor's son Ade. The duo are soon distracted from their woes by a new case involving the murder of a landlord and his wife who were shot at close range in their pub.

Cast & Crew

DCI Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore
DC Janet Scott Lesley Sharp
DS Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones
DC Ian Mitchell David Prosho
DC Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
DC Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown
DC Chris Crowley Danny Webb
Eleanor Goodhead Mina Anwar
Dorothy Parsons Judith Barker
Will Pemberton Steve Toussaint
Elise Scott Olivia Rose Smith
Taisie Scott Harriet Waters
Maya Christina Tam
Simon Robbinson Joe Wandera
Ben Townsley James Lewis
Dawn Waldon Susan Twist
Carla Kennedy Carla Henry
Mark Britton Sean Cernow
Surveillance team leader Colin Connor
Gym receptionist Gabriella Ashcroft
Director Noreen Kershaw
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Tom Sherry
Producer Juliet Charlesworth
Writer Emily Ballou
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