Flashdance with Death

Series 1 - Episode 11 Flashdance with Death

Wed 5 Jul 7pm - 8pm CBS Action
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Thu 6 Jul, 11am - 12pm CBS Action


A murderer bumps off the owner of the dance studio where Steve's new girlfriend works, presenting Dr Sloan with a fresh mystery to solve. Medical detective drama, starring Barry Van Dyke and Scott Baio.

Cast & Crew

Dr Mark Sloan Dick Van Dyke
Dr Jack Stewart Scott Baio
Amanda Bentley Victoria Rowell
Steve Sloan Barry Van Dyke
Delores Delores Hall
Norman Briggs Michael Tucci
Shannon Elizabeth Berkley
Roland William Katt
Sammy Kristoff St John
Barbara Kim Johnston Ulrich
Thatcher Craig Richard Nelson
Talbot Lorry Goldman
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