Wonders of the Monsoon


Series 1 - Episode 2 Deluge



Drip drip drop. The deluge has finally arrived in the rainiest of rainy seasons, bringing yet more stunning images. Rivers bursting their banks and reversing flow. Soft shell turtles digging into the sand with a shimmer. Elephants wallowing in floating gardens. Cambodian villages suddenly turning Venetian. It’s the kind of lush and expensive documentary you see playing on every television set in John Lewis.

That’s probably the best place to watch it. Colin Salmon’s voice is almost as impressive as the monsoon itself, but the script he’s given is grandiloquent without being inspiring. You can’t shake the feeling you’re watching an advert for a South Asian airline.


The effect of the rainy season on wildlife in Asia, with floods forcing animals to flee from Kaziranga National Park in north-east India in search of the safety of the hills. In Cambodia, the Mekong river swells so much that water is forced back up one of its tributaries to fill the vast Tonle Sap lake - one of the most productive freshwater fisheries on Earth. Fresh grass draws nomads and their vast herds of livestock back to their homelands, but they are stalked by hungry wolves and hyenas, which move in at night for the kill. Colin Salmon narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Colin Salmon
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Producer Jonathan Clay
Series Producer Paul Bradshaw