Series 1 - Episode 2



“Trouble seeks you out, doesn’t it?” says Geordie to Sidney, and he’s got a point, as another suspicious death washes up on our country vicar’s doorstep. Sidney’s sister calls by to persuade him to come to Amanda’s engagement party – Amanda being the woman Sidney fell in the canal with in episode one. They clearly have an undeclared mutual passion that all Sidney’s sad half-smiles and tensing of jaw muscles can’t conceal.

So the fact Amanda has got engaged to a bore called Guy makes for a rather brittle party at her father’s country pile, attended by her old schoolfriends and their other halves. Then the engagement ring goes missing, accusations start to fly – and things get dramatically worse.

It’s a sort of country-house murder mystery, or a light pencil sketch of one anyway, with reflections on marriage, prejudice and fruitcake. And for Sidney, the arrival of a curate to lighten his load.


Poor Sidney. His sister Jen bullies him into attending Amanda's engagement dinner - seeing the love of his life celebrate her betrothal to another man is the last thing the village vicar wants. He sinks a few too many drinks in a bid to make the evening more palatable, but it doesn't work - in fact, nobody at the event seems happy. Tensions rise between Amanda and Jen's old school friends, and then matters erupt when Jen's boyfriend Johnny (Ukweli Roach, Starlings) is accused of stealing Amanda's engagement ring. Later, the unfortunate chap is accused of murdering one of his fellow guests, and evidence at the scene of the crime seems to back up the theory. But Sidney isn't convinced - can he unmask the real killer?

Cast & Crew

Sidney Chambers James Norton
Geordie Keating Robson Green
Amanda Kendall Morven Christie
Leonard Finch Al Weaver
Mrs Maguire Tessa Peake-Jones
Jennifer Chambers Fiona Button
Johnny Johnson Ukweli Roach
Sir Edward Kendall Pip Torrens
Guy Hopkins Tom Austen
Daphne Young Pippa Nixon
William Calthorpe Harry Hadden-Paton
Lillian Calthorpe Carolina Main
Sandy Gregg Lowe
Mr Brant Chris Bearne
Edna Beth Lilly
Henry Kendall Leon Rolfe
Alexander Kendall Lukas Rolfe
Director Harry Bradbeer
Executive Producer Diederick Santer
Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Writer Daisy Coulam
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