Carter Est Amoureux

Series 11 - Episode 21 Carter Est Amoureux



Neela has to deal with Pratt's wrath for performing a complicated operation on a baby. Abby misdiagnoses an emphysema patient, and Ray's procedural mistake on the victim of a knife attack has serious repercussions. Meanwhile, Carter dashes to Paris after learning that Kem's mother has been hospitalised. Medical drama, starring Parminder Nagra, Mekhi Phifer and Maura Tierney.

Cast & Crew

Dr Neela Rasgotra Parminder Nagra
Dr Gregory Pratt Mekhi Phifer
Abby Lockhart Maura Tierney
Dr Ray Barnett Shane West
Dr John Carter Noah Wyle
Makemba `Kem' Likasu Thandie Newton
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