Tick, Tick, Tick

Series 2 - Episode 17 Tick, Tick, Tick



Part one of two. The duo team up with experienced FBI agent Jordan Shaw in the hunt for a serial killer with an apparent obsession for Nikki Heat, the character Castle based on Beckett in his best-seller Heat Wave. Aided by some hi-tech gadgetry, Shaw soon finds partial fingerprint matches at the two crime scenes that lead to a man currently on parole for manslaughter. But it seems the suspect made a peculiar deal on the internet with an anonymous source. Guest starring Dana Delany (Body of Proof).

Cast & Crew

Richard Castle Nathan Fillion
Det Kate Beckett Stana Katic
Martha Rodgers Susan Sullivan
Captain Roy Montgomery Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Alexis Castle Molly C Quinn
Javier Esposito Jon Huertas
Lanie Parish Tamala Jones
Kevin Ryan Seamus Dever
Special Agent Jordan Shaw Dana Delany
Director Bryan Spicer
Executive Producer Armyan Bernstein
Executive Producer Rob Bowman
Executive Producer Andrew W Marlowe
Executive Producer Laurie Zaks
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