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Time Heist

Series 8 - Episode 5 Time Heist



When I visited the warehouse of monster-makers Millennium FX (based in the very same road where I grew up in Chesham, Bucks) I spotted in a corner a tangle of latex-rubber limbs and a hideous head with eyes on stalks. Even in a dishevelled heap, this latest addition to the Whoniverse looked pretty impressive. One of the selling points of this episode, the Teller is a creature who can detect guilt, drain your brain of memories and leave you with a concave bonce.

Keeley Hawes is the other main draw, playing Ms Delphox, head of security at the Bank of Karabraxos. She is reunited with her Line of Duty director Douglas Mackinnon, but don’t expect anything like the same heights of dramatic tension. Time Heist (co-written by Steve Thompson and Steven Moffat) sees the Doctor and Clara forced to raid “the most dangerous bank in the galaxy”, but long before they breach the vault it’s clear someone has forgotten the combination for what makes solid-gold Doctor Who.


The Time Lord has never shied away from a challenge - in fact, he's more likely than most to face them head-on. So when he's offered the chance to have a go at breaking into the most dangerous bank in the cosmos, he grabs it with both hands - after all, such opportunities don't come every day, even for centuries-old adventurers. The Doctor won't be alone during the task - lending a hand will be a beautiful shape-shifter, a cyber-augmented gamer and, of course, trusty sidekick Clara. And they will have to have all their wits about them if they're to overcome the bank's deadly security as well as the fearsome Teller - a powerful creature that can detect guilt. Sci-fi drama, starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, with a guest appearance by Keeley Hawes.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Clara Jenna Coleman
Psi Jonathan Bailey
Saibra Pippa Bennett-Warner
Ms Delphox Keeley Hawes
Mr Porrima Trevor Sellers
The Teller Ross Mullan
Guard Mark Ebulue
Suited customer Junior Laniyan
Director Douglas Mackinnon
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Executive Producer Brian Minchin
Producer Peter Bennett
Writer Steve Thompson
Writer Steven Moffat
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