Our Girl

Series 1 - Episode 3



Smurf and Molly are going home laden with orders from their comrades to bring back Marmite, eye drops and boxer shorts. Although Captain James’s request is a bit more personal – he asks Molly to come back to him safely. That both he and Smurf fancy the camouflage pants off Molly is obvious, but it’s also clear which one she prefers.

The pace slows during the scenes in Britain and even more so when Lacey Turner does that drippy staring-into-the-distance-contemplating-her-love-life thing. Fortunately, there’s a bit of action in the last few minutes, although this, unbelievably, is when Molly chooses to speak from the heart.


Molly and Smurf return to the UK for rest leave, but with their comrades facing a big threat in Afghanistan, they find it hard to switch off and settle into life back home. As Molly finds Smurf is the only one who understands how she feels, their friendship eventually deepens into something more serious - but then he makes a declaration that could ruin everything. Before long, they are back in the field, where Molly comes under threat from an old enemy. Military drama, starring Lacey Turner and Iwan Rheon.

Cast & Crew

Molly Dawes Lacey Turner
Capt James Ben Aldridge
Smurf Iwan Rheon
Cpl Kinders Arinze Kene
Nude-Nut Ade Oyefeso
Baz Vegas Charley Palmer Merkell
Fingers Sean Ward
Dangleberries Lawrence Walker
Mansfield Mike Nick Preston
Brains Simon Lennon
Sgt Azizi Jonas Khan
Qaseem Zubin Varla
Bashira Becky Eggersglusz
Jackie Kirsty Averton
Sohail Tamer Burjaq
Belinda Dawes Kerry Godliman
Dave Dawes Sean Gallagher
Nan Ruth Sheen
Candy Siwan Morris
Shazza Tilly Vosburgh
Director Richard Senior
Executive Producer Caroline Skinner
Executive Producer Tony Grounds
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Tony Grounds
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