The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Ties That Bind

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Ties That Bind

Series 3



Dear, decent Jack Whicher is eking out a living as a private eye working on a divorce case for a husband who suspects his wife is having an affair when she travels to London on have-it-away days with a handsome young man.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye as Whicher returns to Wiltshire (the county where he first made his name as a doughty detective investigating the real-life Road Hill House murder) to report his findings and make more inquiries.

For a start, the young swain is a bit of a cad, while the naughty wife seems far from the flighty piece that her husband makes her out to be. Whicher soon finds his emotional capacity tested when a tearful young woman, with an unconvincing baby clasped to her bosom, begs for his help.


Hired by West Country landowner Sir Henry Coverley, Whicher takes on a seemingly straightforward case of infidelity, following his client's young wife as she meets her lover in London. However, when a key witness mysteriously fails to attend the divorce hearing, the investigation takes a dark twist, leading the private inquiry agent into the heart of the English countryside and to the most disturbing and destructive of secrets. Feature-length Victorian crime drama, starring Paddy Considine, with Helen Bradbury, Risteard Cooper and Alex Robertson.

Cast & Crew

Jack Whicher Paddy Considine
Charlotte Piper Nancy Carroll
Lady Jane Coverley Helen Bradbury
Joshua Hallows Luke Thompson
Ruth Hallows Joanna Horton
Sgt Evans Richard Braine
Sir Henry Coverley Risteard Cooper
Matthew Thorogood Alex Robertson
Emma Finch Gwyneth Keyworth
Christopher Skerrit Iain McKee
Linus Finch James Northcote
Rev Turner Richard Durden
Mr Lodge Richard Dixon
George Nigel Allen
Magistrate Alan David
Director Geoff Sax
Executive Producer Mark Redhead
Producer David Boulter
Writer Helen Edmundson
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