The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: Beyond the Pale

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: Beyond the Pale

Series 3



The doughty and decent ex-detective Jack Whicher is treated as a Sherlock Holmes figure by those who seek his help now he’s left Scotland Yard. We are in Victorian London, a place of stovepipe hats, foggy mornings and carriage rides as an unpleasant MP arrives at Whicher’s spartan lodgings. He has a delicate matter he wants to discuss.

Paddy Considine returns as the real-life figure whose investigation, the murder at Road Hill House, first reached a wide audience in Kate Summerscale’s bestseller The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. In the first of two fictional stories, Whicher is brought low by tragedy, his faith shaken. But he’s still a man of honour and rectitude, and when asked to help in the hunt for a man who’s threatening an aristocratic family, he digs deep.

It’s a solid tale of deception and lies, told in a series of dimly lit rooms.


Whicher is hired by his one-time political master, former home secretary Edward Shore, to investigate threats made against his son Charles, who has recently returned to London from India with his young family. Shore fears entanglement in a scandal could have devastating repercussions for his career and insists the detective carry out the investigation without involving his former Met colleagues, even after a murder occurs. Whicher's pursuit of justice takes him to the most dangerous corners of the Docklands, but also brings him into contact with a woman who starts to melt his long-frozen heart. Victorian crime drama, starring Paddy Considine, with Nicholas Jones, John Heffernan and Tim Pigott-Smith.

Cast & Crew

Jack Whicher Paddy Considine
Sir Edward Shore Nicholas Jones
Capt Charles John Heffernan
Mrs Piper Nancy Carroll
Katherine Laura Frances-Morgan
Miss Khan Ellora Torchia
Georgina Kate Fahy
Roshan Akshay Kumar
Asim Adrian Quinton
Judd Jack Shalloo
Mrs Johnson Joan Kempson
Fr John Anthony O'Donnell
Denison Graham Padden
Commissioner Mayne Tim Pigott-Smith
Boatswain Simon Armstrong
Sister Claire Laura Elphinstone
Lascar Muzz Khan
James Tyler Bennett
William Raphael Brandman
Clerk Marcus Taylor
Old man Rod Arthur
Director David Blair
Executive Producer Mark Redhead
Producer David Boulter
Writer Helen Edmundson
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