9/11: Elite Rescue Cops

9/11: Elite Rescue Cops
Sunday 2am - 3am National Geographic Channel


On 11 September 2001, as a grim confetti of debris rained down upon Manhattan after the World Trade Center attacks, New York Police’s emergency service unit went to work. The small team, known as “E-Men”, is a highly trained knot of officers who, up until then, had dealt largely with train crashes and hostage negotiations.

Even if you think every 9/11 story has been told, it’s worth pausing over this moving film as the burly men of the unit, distinguished by their blue helmets, recount tales of rescue and of loss. E-Men died when the towers collapsed, but their colleagues ploughed on because, as one says, “I couldn’t leave.”


The story of the heroism and sacrifice of the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit on the day terrorists struck the World Trade Centre. Arriving within five minutes of the attacks, the team was first on the scene and saved countless lives - but the officers paid a terrible price when almost half of the men were lost in the rubble of the Twin Towers.