Dream On

Series 1 - Episode 6 Dream On



With the scrapyard ticking over nicely you’d think owner Terry would slow down a bit, but instead he’s coming up with loads of extra moneymaking schemes. It’s all about the hard sell, whether it’s cut-price snow shovels and grit salt or a promotional semi-naked calendar.

Boyle and Lee do well flogging the salt, but Natalie’s less successful at persuading the reluctant workers to pose for the calendar. “You just pick a month, get your kit off and job’s done,” doesn’t get any volunteers, so she tries a different tack: “If you don’t say what month you want, I’ll just put you down for one anyway.”


The yard is running smoothly, which means boss Terry Walker is getting bored. He decides to have a bit of fun by planning a semi-naked calendar - but can he persuade any of the other lads to get their kit off? While he tries to make a quick buck selling gritting salt, wife Lyndsay wishes he would slow down a bit, but as the staff gathers for the Christmas party, it's clear that retirement is the last thing on his mind.

Cast & Crew

Director Pip Banyard
Executive Producer Michele Carlisle
Executive Producer Jamie Isaacs
Series Producer Pip Banyard