Chasing Shadows

Only Connect - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 1 Only Connect - Part One



Det Sgt Sean Stone isn’t like other people. He’s socially inept, rude, possessed of extraordinary focus, he gets results where others don’t… and by now he will probably remind you of detective Saga Noren, The Bridge’s socially inept, rude, possessed of extraordinary focus etc, etc.

As in The Bridge, BBC4’s cult Scandi-noir hit, no one ever refers to Stone’s lack of filter, but we are left to assume that he is somewhere on the autistic spectrum, particularly when we learn he has a kind of carer/housekeeper who tries to ensure he doesn’t alienate everyone he comes into contact with. And that includes his nice, normal, heart-on-sleeve sidekick Ruth Hattersley at the missing persons unit. A bit like The Bridge’s Martin, the nice, normal, etc, etc…

Stone and Hattersley (Reece Shearsmith and Alex Kingston) are charged with finding missing people endangered by a serial killer. It’s completely preposterous.


Crime drama following a missing-persons unit on the hunt for serial killers, beginning with the first of a two-part story. After he criticises police procedure in the aftermath of a murderer's capture, DS Sean Stone's superiors want him out of the way, so they assign him to a new `unit' at the MPB with analyst Ruth Hattersley. However, the case of a vanished 16-year-old girl soon has the unorthodox detective back out in the field with his new partner. Looking into a spate of teen suicides, he believes he has discovered a killer preying on vulnerable youngsters. Starring Reece Shearsmith, Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke.

Cast & Crew

DS Sean Stone Reece Shearsmith
Ruth Hattersley Alex Kingston
DI Carl Prior Noel Clarke
CS Harley Drayton Don Warrington
Angela Bale Adjoa Andoh
Bryan Hattersley Alfie Field
Maggie Hattersley Lynda Baron
Adele Rivera Myriam Acharki
Chloe Amos Imogen Daines
Kay Amos Lorraine Stanley
Taylor Davis Letitia Wright
Donna Davis Nadine Marshall
Graham Legg Alan McKenna
Aaron Scobie Tommy McDonnell
Sophie Scarrow Sophia Capasso
DI Gary Scanlon Doug Allen
Alan Harvey John Albasiny
Dr Kent Nick Malinowski
Nicholas Kass Michael Greco
Zahir Dhaliwal (lecturer) Danny Ashok
John Meadows (security) Elliott Tittensor
Clive Ahearn (security) Rupert Procter
Aaron's solicitor Rita Ramnani
John's solicitor Grace Vallorani
Director Christopher Menaul
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Rob Bullock
Writer Rob Williams
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