Wentworth Prison

Born Again

Series 2 - Episode 1 Born Again



The Australian drama returns with Joan Ferguson stirring up trouble when she takes over as governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre with the intention of clamping down hard and reminding the inmates who is in charge. She decides to put an end to Franky Doyle's reign as top dog and sets about manoeuvring the situation so Bea Smith can take over, and also tells warder Will Jackson that his drink and drugs support group for the women is to be terminated. Starring Pamela Rabe, Nicole da Silva and Danielle Cormack.

Cast & Crew

Bea Smith Danielle Cormack
Franky Doyle Nicole da Silva
Erica Davidson Leeanna Walsman
Vera Bennett Kate Atkinson
Liz Birdsworth Celia Ireland
Doreen Anderson Shareena Clanton
Matthew `Fletch' Fletcher Aaron Jeffrey
Will Jackson Robbie Magasiva
Sue `Boomer' Jenkins Katrina Milosevic
Joan Ferguson Pamela Rabe
Linda Miles Jacqueline Brennan
Sky Pierson Kathryn Beck
Hayley Jovanka Cassandra Magrath
Debbie Smith Georgia Flood
Director Kevin Carlin
Series Producer Amanda Crittenden
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