The backstabbing and business deals that highlight daily life at Home Farm have always been reminiscent of an episode of Dynasty. But it’s too easy to cast Megan as Krystle and Charity as Alexis because, let’s face it, both of them are as cunning as Alexis!

At the moment, Declan wants rid of Megan because he’s sick to death of her meddling. But later this week, Megan finds herself in possession of some meaty evidence that could be used as ammunition against her bitter rival. But it’s not just melodrama on the menu: there’s also plenty of comedy when a drunken and hungry Bernice fails to keep her claws out of Katie’s birthday cake…


Hour-long episode. Victoria warns Andy he's making a mistake proposing to Katie, but he sticks to his plan and even persuades her to bake a birthday cake for his girlfriend with a special diamond ingredient. Sean tries one last time to bring his dad and Kerry back together before he leaves for the Army, although with emotions getting the better of Dan and Ali, his efforts look set to fail. Declan decides Megan has outstayed her welcome and Pete refuses to hear Debbie out.