Nature's Miracle Orphans

Nature's Miracle Orphans

Series 1 - Episode 2



In this charming repeat from 2014 we meet an orphan three-toed sloth in Costa Rica whose carer, Sam, doesn’t want to give her a permanent name. She is struggling against pneumonia and might not survive, so Sam simply calls her “Newbie”. 

She’s a sad-eyed, shaggy, sleepy-looking bundle, but Sam’s devotion to nursing her back to health is touching. That’s the theme here. Devoted humans nurturing weak and vulnerable young animals to the point where they can go back to the wild. When a pair of tiny wallabies makes friends, it’s a very sweet moment. 


In Australia, Ellie Harrison meets Sue, who has been caring for bare-nosed wombat Stacey since her mother was killed four months previously. To get the animal used to the outside world, they take her into they garden for the first time. However, interaction with other wombats is a vital part of rehabilitation, so they need to find a suitable companion before she can be released. Wildlife cameraman Max Hug Williams is in Costa Rica, finding out how three-toed sloth Newbie is responding to treatment and meeting a 10-month-old anteater as he learns to forage the critters he needs to keep him going.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ellie Harrison
Presenter Max Hug Williams
Executive Producer Lucinda Axelsson
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Producer Will Ridgeon