Politicos v Felinophiles

Series 10 - Episode 1 Politicos v Felinophiles



For nine series, Only Connect was our little BBC4 secret. But, drat it, this cerebral, knotty quiz became rather popular, so it’s jumped ship and has now arrived on BBC2. Host Victoria Coren Mitchell thanks Only Connect’s former home for all of its support, adding, “And to show our appreciation, we left!”

Fans will be scouring the landscape for hints that the questions have become easier for a more mainstream audience and I think, possibly, they have. But maybe this is just a feint, a lull to make newcomers feel welcome. And the connecting walls are still absolute stinkers, so your hearts might go out to teams the Politicos and the Felinophiles as they flail around for the right answers.


New series. Victoria Coren Mitchell returns with the quiz show as it moves from BBC Four to BBC Two, with another batch of contestants using patience, lateral thinking and sheer inspiration to make connections between four things that may appear at first not to be linked. The opening edition of the 10th series features a trio of political enthusiasts taking on three cat lovers, with one set of clues consisting of a theatre on Londons' Argyll Street, a golf club, a UK policeman and the US five-cent coin.