The Cat's Meow

Episode 29 The Cat's Meow



Part one of two. Catwoman holds pop duo Chad and Jeremy to ransom and steals their voices.

Cast & Crew

Batman/Bruce Wayne Adam West
Robin/Dick Grayson Burt Ward
Alfred Pennyworth Alan Napier
Police Commissioner James Gordon Neil Hamilton
Police Chief O'Hara Stafford Repp
Aunt Harriet Cooper Madge Blake
Catwoman Julie Newmar
The Narrator William Dozier
Warden Chrichton David Lewis
Mayor Linseed Byron Keith
Sir Sterling Habits Maurice Dallimore
Policeman James O'Hara
Himself Chad Stuart
Himself Jeremy Clyde
Eenie Sharyn Wynters
Meanie Tom Castronova
Miney Chuck Henderson
Moe Ric Roman
Benton Belgoody Joe Flynn
Mr Oceanbrig Jay Sebring
Harry Upps Peter Leeds
British Butler Anthony Eustrez
Alen Stevens Steve Allen
Newsman Calvin Brown
First Girl Judy Strangis
Second Girl Cindy Ferarre
Himself Don Ho
Director James B Clark
Writer Stanley Ralph Ross
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