Jack or Knave

Series 4 - Episode 14 Jack or Knave



A security guard is murdered during a payroll snatch, and Regan and Carter are called in to support local investigating officers. However, bad blood between the maverick detective inspector and the force's chief superintendent going back several years manifests itself in an old allegation of corruption being rekindled. Richard Griffiths features alongside John Thaw and Dennis Waterman in the final episode of the crime drama.

Cast & Crew

Det Sgt George Carter Dennis Waterman
Det Chief Insp Frank Haskins Garfield Morgan
Det Insp Jack Regan John Thaw
Det Chief Supt Canning Barrie Ingham
Ronnie Harries Richard Griffiths
Gloria Bartley Jo Warne
Duxbury Ralph Nossek
Director Tom Clegg
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