Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre


Charlotte Bronte's classic tale of a young orphaned girl who struggles to survive the harsh treatment of a boarding school to become governess to a precocious child. But it is the troubled owner of Thornfield who attracts her attention - despite his mysterious servant Grace Poole, and a dreadful secret in the attic. Samantha Morton stars as the love-struck heroine, with Ciaran Hinds, Gemma Jones and Richard Hawley.

Cast & Crew

Jane Eyre Samantha Morton
Edward Rochester Ciaran Hinds
Mrs Fairfax Gemma Jones
Richard Mason Richard Hawley
Blanche Ingram Abigail Cruttenden
Grace Poole Val McLane
St John Rivers Rupert Penry-Jones
Adele Timia Berthome
Producer Robert Young III
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