Chasing Shadows

Off Radar - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 3 Off Radar - Part One



Missing persons expert Ruth Hattersley and Detective Sergeant Sean Stone visit a starey serial killer in a secure hospital as they look into the case of a solicitor who vanished a year ago.

This Hannibal Lecter/Silence of the Lambs moment had to come, as it always comes in crime dramas, when the good guys try to win over the bad guy in a bid to get him to help them solve a crime.

In Chasing Shadows it doesn’t go well, thanks to Sean Stone’s brutally direct form of questioning. As ever, Stone’s boss – one of those by-numbers cops who’s so unimaginative it’s a surprise he can get out of bed on a morning – is exasperated with him.


Part one of two. Sean looks into the case of Stephen Eli, a lawyer and single father who fits none of the five most common categories of missing persons. Investigating his last known movements, the detective spots a connection with two deaths at the hands of murderer Leonard Vance, who is now incarcerated in a secure psychiatric hospital, and believes Stephen could be Vance's third victim.

Cast & Crew

DS Sean Stone Reece Shearsmith
Ruth Hattersley Alex Kingston
DI Carl Prior Noel Clarke
CS Harley Drayton Don Warrington
Angela Bale Adjoa Andoh
Bryan Hattersley Alfie Field
Maggie Hattersley Lynda Baron
Adele Rivera Myriam Acharki
Stephen Eli Mensah Bediako
Cole Eli Roger Nsengiyumva
Sara Shah Kathy Rose O'Brien
Dr Ellesmere Susan Lynch
Tommy Purdie Craig Conway
Leonard Vance Paul Ritter
Alex Wernley Nicholas Gleaves
Dr Francis Daniel Brocklebank
Gabby Amiee El-Gamal
Director Jim O'Hanlon
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Rob Bullock
Writer Rob Williams
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