Oh! You Pretty Things: The Story of Music and Fashion


Series 1 - Episode 1 Tribes



It’s hard not to think of The Rutles while watching this pop-frockumentary. There was a moment in that delicious pastiche when an early promoter is asked what first drew him to the band: “I think it was the trousers.”

In this genial rummage through pop’s dressing-up box, there are trousers of all kinds, together with capes, birthdays suits… even a crown of fire (thanks for that, Arthur Brown).

As well as familiar 60s signposts such as Carnaby Street, Biba and miniskirts we saunter down less travelled roads. The first of three programmes chooses as its launch-point the 1966 pop-and-cops caper Dateline Diamonds, and sharply dressed Small Faces “filling their boots” in chic boutique Lord John.

Among the sequined highlights: how Thomas Becket inspired a Variety Performance dress for Cilla, and Rick Parfitt frowning at the psychedelic origins of Status Quo: “We all looked like criminals.”


Lauren Laverne narrates this three-part documentary exploring the influence of musicians and designers on the coolest and craziest looks in Britain, and how fans emulated their idols. The first programme focuses on the golden years of the 1960s, when Mod legends the Small Faces became the best dressed band in England and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones embraced psychedelia.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lauren Laverne
Director Matt Hill
Executive Producer Steve Condie
Producer Matt Hill
Documentary Music Arts