Episode 6957



Which Ross Barton do we like best – the unashamed bad boy who arrived with gunshot wounds or the tortured soul left grieving after Donna’s death?

Personally, I’d like to see a little more of the menace that Ross displayed when he carjacked Laurel all those months ago. But this evening, we do at least get to glimpse that edge again as the village lays Donna to rest.

Ross wants to attend the funeral in order to cause trouble, but Cain – in a desperate bid to keep him away – locks him in the garage. Luckily, Ross has an axe to hand and looks set to bust his way out. Mourners, watch out!


The day of Donna's funeral arrives and Ross puts his suit on ready to go, but Cain has other ideas and locks him in the garage. However, as the procession passes through the village, he spots an axe and considers his escape. Meanwhile, Adam has an announcement to make in the Woolpack, Pete tells James he's planning to ask Debbie if he can move in, and Ashley is shocked when Carole's husband turns up.