Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead

Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead


The unlikely friendship between death penalty advocate Robert Blecker and death row murderer Daryl Holton, who’s awaiting execution for killing his four children, is detailed in this unsettling documentary. Blecker is adamant that Holton deserves to die, yet can’t help but be charmed by the intelligent man he meets. You have to wonder at Blecker’s judgement, but this is still an excellent exploration of the morality of the death penalty.


Documentary focusing on the unlikely friendship between Robert Blecker, a staunch advocate of capital punishment, and death-row prisoner Daryl Holton. The programme charts the relationship between the pair, who met during Blecker's 2005 research trip to Riverbend maximum-security prison, and reveals how, while they agreed that the death penalty is the only just punishment for convicted murderers, both found themselves questioning their beliefs as the date of Holton's execution drew closer.