Series 1 - Episode 2



The Boomers muster for an anniversary dinner at a pretentious restaurant, but there’s an immediate cloud over proceedings when long-suffering Carol (Paula Wilcox) announces she’s bored with Trevor (James Smith), her husband of 40 years.

What follows is half an hour of creaking comedy that’s occasionally crude and often quite unpleasant, particularly when Maureen’s ageing, wheelchair-using mum (the mighty June Whitfield, rising majestically above the quality of the material) joins the party. Cue limp gags about the bodily functions of the elderly.

Most of the jokes fall to the floor, though there is a ribald, funny quip about a well-known pizza chain.


Comedy following the ups and downs of three newly retired couples living in the Norfolk resort of Thurnemouth. Joyce has organised a special lunch at a trendy gastropub to celebrate Carol and Trevor's 40th wedding anniversary, but her finely tuned plans are somewhat ruined by the arrival of Maureen and her lightweight mother Joan. Carol also looks set to put a dampener on the happy occasion with a rather unfortunate announcement, unless Joyce and Maureen can convince her to change her mind before she lives to regret it. Paula Wilcox, Alison Steadman, Stephanie Beacham, June Whitfield and James Smith star.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Alison Steadman
Alan Philip Jackson
Maureen Stephanie Beacham
John Russ Abbot
Joan June Whitfield
Carol Paula Wilcox
Trevor James Smith
Director Adam Miller
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer Richard Pinto
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