Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals


Series 1 - Episode 1 Sight



Animals don’t all view the world in the same way that we humans do. Cheetahs have a letterbox vision to enable them to spot prey on wide-open savannahs; Alaskan caribou can see ultraviolet light and use it to detect white-furred wolves camouflaged against the snow; Cuban boas tap into the infrared end of the light spectrum to detect heat, so they can catch warm-blooded prey in pitch-black caves. Dr Helen Czerski and Patrick Aryee summon up Blue Peter levels of excitement as they explore the different visual tricks animals employ, with the result that it’s as enlightening as bioluminescent plankton.


Biologist Patrick Aryee and physicist Helen Czerski explore the world of animal senses to reveal how they detect things beyond the limits of human perception, conducting experiments and demonstrations featuring a variety of species. They begin by investigating sight and reveal how caribou - wild reindeer of Alaska - use ultraviolet light to avoid their predators. They also discover how the dragonfly's ability to view things in slow motion allows it to make a kill, and show how a snake can see in the pitch dark without using its eyes.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Patrick Aryee
Presenter Helen Czerski
Director Kirstine Davidson
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Producer Kirstine Davidson
Series Producer Alex Williamson
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