Guardian Angels

Series 4 - Episode 4 Guardian Angels



The acerbic doctor tries to whittle down the seven remaining candidates for his medical team by assigning them the case of a woman who claims she can see the dead. Meanwhile, Cuddy offers Foreman a position back at the hospital, but he is reluctant to accept once it is revealed he will have to work side by side with House. Hugh Laurie stars.

Cast & Crew

Dr Gregory House Hugh Laurie
Dr Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein
Dr Eric Foreman Omar Epps
Dr James Wilson Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Allison Cameron Jennifer Morrison
Dr Robert Chase Jesse Spencer
Dr Amber Volakis Anne Dudek
Dr Jeffrey 'Big Love' Cole Edi Gathegi
Dr Chris Taub Peter Jacobson
Dr Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn
Dr Remy `Thirteen' Hadley Olivia Wilde
Director Deran Sarafian
Executive Producer Paul Attansio
Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
Executive Producer Bryan Singer
Executive Producer David Shore
Writer David Hoselton
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