The Catherine Tate Show

The Catherine Tate Show

Series 3 - Episode 5



Paul O'Grady guest stars, as Nan puts in a characteristically foul-mouthed appearance on his teatime chat show, broadcasting her horrible views to the nation. With Brian Murphy and Neil Stuke.

Cast & Crew

Actor Catherine Tate
Actor Martin Akehurst
Actor Nigel Betts
Actor Lorna Brown
Actor Jennifer Rae Daykin
Actor Andy Dennehy
Actor Aschlin Ditta
Actor Charlie Hicks
Actor Mathew Horne
Actor Melanie Hudson
Actor Richard Lumsden
Actor Jonathan McGuinness
Actor Angela McHale
Actor Brian Murphy
Actor Neil Stuke
Actor Niky Wardley
Actor Dominic West
Actor Paul O'Grady
Director Gordon Anderson
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Writer Catherine Tate
Writer Aschlin Ditta
Writer Jonathan Harvey
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