Britain's Secret Seas

The Wild North

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Wild North



Cheery tough guy Paul Rose and his team, the lovely Tooni Mahto and the granite-jawed Frank Pope, visit Bass Rock and its population of 100,000 or so gannets. 

While other sea birds are quietly dying out altogether, the gannet is thriving, and the trio make it their mission to find out why. And it’s here, if you are of that certain generation to whom the word “gannet” evokes only Marty Feldman’s At Last the 1948 Show sketch about Olsen’s Standard Book of British Birds (the one without the gannet) that you’re probably already laughing yourselves hoarse.

We also travel to the Moray Firth to bask in the beauty of bottlenosed dolphins.


The team visits Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth, home to one of the world's largest gannet colonies. Tooni Mahto heads for St Andrews Bay to learn about communication between bottlenose dolphins, and Paul Rose meets Navy divers clearing unexploded bombs dropped by aircraft during training exercises at Cape Wrath. At the Sound of Mull, Frank Pope investigates efforts to preserve fragments of history locked away in some of the 25,000 wrecks that litter the waters around the British Isles.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tooni Mahto
Presenter Paul Rose
Presenter Frank Pope
Director Graham Cooper
Executive Producer Gary Hunter
Producer Graham Cooper
Series Producer Sophie Todd
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