A Perfect Score

Series 1 - Episode 3 A Perfect Score



Lightman investigates the killing of a student at a highly competitive school. Her mother, Judge Kathleen Stark, offers no alibi for the night of the murder, and her use of Botox makes it difficult for Cal to interpret her facial expressions, which are at odds with the emotion in her voice. A new twist emerges when the team meets the girl's classmates and uncovers a drugs ring. Drama, starring Tim Roth.

Cast & Crew

Dr Cal Lightman Tim Roth
Dr Gillian Foster Kelli Williams
Eli Loker Brendan Hines
Ria Torres Monica Raymund
FBI Agent Dardis Anthony Ruivivar
Judge Kathleen Stark Isabella Hofmann
Cptn David Markov Sasha Roiz
Nasa Director Schaumburg Matt Malloy
Emily Lightman Hayley McFarland
Keith Berenson Steven Flynn
Riley Berenson Sarah Ramos
Heidi Kristen Ariza
Stefanie Fife Mekenna Melvin
Hilary Markov Christian Corp
Troy Dixon Adam Crosby
Danielle Stark Grace Bannon
Director Eric Laneuville
Writer Steven Maeda
Writer TJ Brady
Writer Rasheed Newson
Writer Samuel Baum
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