Memento Mori

Series 4 - Episode 1 Memento Mori



A family GP is accused of murdering his wife, and Kavanagh, back in chambers following compassionate leave, is assigned to his defence. As the trial progresses, the battling barrister gradually comes to realise just how much he has in common with his client. Also starring Tom Courtenay, Oliver Ford Davies, Nicholas Jones and Valerie Edmond.

Cast & Crew

James Kavanagh QC John Thaw
Dr Derek Buxton Sam Cox
Peter Foxcott QC Oliver Ford Davies
Luke Nick Patrick
Jeremy Aldermarten Nicholas Jones
Judge Trafford John Carlisle II
Susan Hutton Carol Harrison
Tom Buckley Cliff Parisi
Lizzie Kavanagh Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh Tom Brodie
Kate Kavanagh Daisy Bates
Claire Fitzsimmons Marjorie Bland
Jill Lucas Jill Brassington
Dr Felix Crawley Tom Courtenay
Mr Justice Halliwell Donald Douglas
Emma Taylor Valerie Edmond
Professor Simunovic Matyelok Gibbs
Quizmaster Jon Glover
George Wills Edward Halsted
Rowena Featherstonehaugh Caroline Harker
Teenage patient Angela Hazeldine
Ann Crawley Janet Maw
Nurse Gallagher Lesley McGuire
Clerk of the court Ron Meadows
Eleanor Foxcott Celestine Randall
Keith Holly Sean Scanlan
Gaynor Deans Amelia Warner
Director Charles Beeson
Writer Russell Lewis
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