The Innocency of Life

Series 4 - Episode 5 The Innocency of Life



A vicar stands accused of sexual harassment but as a result of Kavanagh's patient investigations the widow who lodged the complaint suddenly finds herself accused of murdering her former husband, and the prosecuting counsel is none other than Eleanor Harker. John Thaw stars, with a guest appearance by Geraldine James.

Cast & Crew

Dr Derek Buxton Sam Cox
Eleanor Harker QC Geraldine James
James Kavanagh QC John Thaw
Peter Foxcott QC Oliver Ford Davies
Luke Nick Patrick
Jeremy Aldermarten Nicholas Jones
Judge Trafford John Carlisle
Susan Hutton Carol Harrison
Tom Buckley Cliff Parisi
Lizzie Kavanagh Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh Tom Brodie
Kate Kavanagh Daisy Bates
Director Ferdinand Fairfax
Writer Malcolm Bradbury
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