The Chicago Code

Hog Butcher

Series 1 - Episode 2 Hog Butcher



The real story of this series is a clash of cultures – between the old-hand cops used to shaking down felons in dingy bars and the clean-cut recruits who pick up leads via Twitter.

After the tragic events of the first episode the cops are adopting a zero tolerance approach to policing, giving street-smart detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) the chance for some smart-talking with criminals, cops and just about anyone else he can get to listen. But he meets his match in a Catholic nun, who identifies his main problem as “moral rigidity”.

It’s a gripping episode as Supt Colvin and Wysocki try to connect Alderman Gibbons to the Irish mob. And it seems as if Colvin’s hawkish stance on cleaning up the force has come home to roost.


Teresa and Jarek vow to bring an officer's killer to justice, and politician Alderman Gibbons visits the victim's family, leaving hints that the blame lies with the Chicago Police Department. Jarek and Caleb follow up Liam's lead, while Vonda and Isaac receive a promotion.

Cast & Crew

Jarek Wysocki Jason Clarke
Teresa Colvin Jennifer Beals
Caleb Evers Matt Lauria
Vonda Wysocki Devin Kelley
Isaac Joiner Todd Williams
Liam Hennessey Billy Lush
Alderman Robin Gibbons Delroy Lindo
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