Al Murray's Compete for the Meat

Al Murray's Compete for the Meat

Series 1 - Episode 1



Al Murray has managed to spin an entire career out of a single character by engaging his audience with his Pub Landlord’s familiar prejudices and weaknesses. Now the Landlord is back with a quiz show perfectly tailored to his needs – it’s a rumbustious pub quiz, with additional physical challenges, that doesn’t so much entertain the studio audience as soften them up. And with this hour-long show, there’s plenty of opportunity for banter and no rush to get down to the quiz.

In fact, although some of the questions are fair enough, this is not a show for quiz buffs. The clue is in the categories, which include animal noises and moustaches and in the grand prize, a frozen chicken. To be honest, we’re in post-pub TV land, and this is after hours with a vengeance. Did the guests on the celebrity top table – TV car dealer Dominic Littlewood, comedian Olivia Lee and ex-footballer Peter Shilton – have any idea what they were in for?


Game show in which contestants from around the country face general knowledge questions in a bid to win a frozen chicken. Hosted by Al Murray.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Al Murray