Early Doors

Series 1 - Episode 4



Tension mounts in the Grapes as the football card winner is announced, while Duffy and Joe advise Liam on how to win back a lost love. Policemen Phil and Nige recover from a dawn raid, while Jean hopes her prayers will be answered and she will finally get to Crete.

Cast & Crew

Jean Rita May
Joe Craig Cash
Duffy Phil Mealey
Ken John Henshaw
Liam James McAvoy
Nige Peter Wight
Phil James Quinn
Winnie Joan Kempson
Melanie Christine Bomley
Eddie Mark Benton
Joan Lorraine Cheshire
Debbie Lisa Millett
Tanya Susan Cookson
Tommy Rodney Litchfield
Janice Maxine Peake
Bill Johnny Leeze
Director Adrian Shergold
Producer Lucy Ansbro
Producer John Rushton
Writer Craig Cash
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